Avian Aqua Miser: Automatic, poop-free chicken waterers

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Summer moving sale!
We're moving...which means you get a good deal! We're selling out of our premade waterers at bargain-basement prices --- once these are gone, they won't be coming back.

Meanwhile, kit prices have also been slashed to reduce inventory for the move. (Click here for EZ Miser kits and here for Avian Aqua Miser Original kits.)

EZ Miser
Pre-made EZ Miser
Free U.S. shipping
Waters up to 15 chickens (1.5 gallon total capacity)

Chick waterer
10 Pack DIY Avian Aqua Miser Original Kit

Free US shipping
Waters up to 166 chickens

EZ Miser kit contents
2 pack EZ Miser kit
Free US shipping
Waters up to 34 chickens

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery in the U.S., and I'm afraid we're unable to ship outside the country at this time. Inventory is limited so order soon --- once the premade waterers are gone, they're gone.
What's so special about our chicken waterers?
Chick waterer
The Avian Aqua Miser and EZ Miser are perfect for chicks from day 1 through old age!  Chicks stay healthy with dry bedding and clean water and hens are healthier with POOP-free water to drink.

Our new-and-improved EZ Miser makes it even simpler to fill your waterer and mount it without hanging.  Economical EZ Miser kits allow you to install EZ Miser spouts in the sides of your own container, whether that's a 5-gallon bucket or a 40-gallon drum.

PVC chick waterer
Save even more when you use our Avian Aqua Miser Original kits to build PVC pipe waterers, heated waterers, and more!  High-quality Avian Aqua Miser nipples last for years with no dripping.

All of our waterers are perfect for fowl ranging from chickens and turkeys to ducks and quail.

Anna and Mark

Let us take the guesswork out of happy hens!

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