Avian Aqua Miser: Automatic, poop-free chicken waterers

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10 pack DIY kit to make homemade chicken waterers

1 free nipple! Free drill bit!
The 10 pack DIY kit is a great choice for folks with 50 or fewer chickens since it makes 10 waterers.  Alternatively, you can create four bucket waterers to water up to 166 chickens.  This kit size also makes a great backup system for folks with smaller flocks --- just throw in an extra waterer or two and leave your chickens alone for the weekend without a care in the world.

Price: $65

What comes in the kit:

  • 10 Avian Aqua Miser chicken nipples*
  • 10 wires for hanging*
  • Bonus: 1 large drill bit saves you time!
  • 18 months of customer feedback summarized in our expanded instructionsNew and improved!  Our expanded instructions file now includes directions and tips for building your own Avian Aqua Miser, alternative mounting methods, bucket and PVC waterer information, heated and self-filling waterers, tricks for teaching even the most recalcitrant chickens to drink, and information on using our waterer for one day old chicks.  The 39 page, 2.7 MB pdf file comes on a CD.
  • One page quick instructions for those who don't want to open the CD and just want a simple chicken waterer.
  • The Working Chicken e-book --- Learn everything you need to know to become a backyard egg and meat producer in 30 minutes or less!  (pdf file on a CD)
  • EATING the Working Chicken e-book and companion video --- Turn your flock into a real working flock!  Learn to butcher and dress a chicken in 30 minutes or less.  (pdf file on a CD)
  • Free shipping in the continental U.S.  (Allow 6 to 10 business days.)  See international shipping rates.

*For customers building bucket waterers: Drop me a note with your order to leave out the hanging wires and I'll throw in one free nipple!

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