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Feeding mice to chickens?

chicken trying to eat mouse

Will a chicken eat a mouse?

I wouldn't expect a Cornish Cross to even try, but most other breeds might give it a taste test if they're hungry enough. I've never heard of anybody raising mice for this reason, but it might work as a feed supplement if you fed your chickens the smaller, younger ones.

Image credit goes to Youtube user ThE cHicKeN cHaNnEL Fowl Play.

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Our cats catch moles, mice and rats all year long. (Mostly moles in the yard in summer, and mice/rats in winter.. the latter is not a feature I enjoy about living in the country in a very old house..)

Anyway, when we find a "gift" on the front step, we toss it into the chicken yard (meat birds and layers in there at various times of year). Also the ones that we catch ourselves in snap traps. (Not poisoned, of course!!)

I started doing that after I read a bit somewhere from Joel Salatin who talked about folks doing that in "back in the day", especially in winter when there weren't any bugs for the birds to scratch up.

Comment by Suzanne late Wednesday morning, July 9th, 2014

Years ago mice came into our coop of 12 hens and all seemed quite harmonious out there, despite me not liking the critters. The chickens didn't mind sharing their food, but more and more mice appeared (as an ample food source will do). I was cleaning the coop one day, scooting mice out into the pen. It only took one hen to try a mouse and the peace was broken. It was rather horrifying, but my pampered Wyandottes (well fed) ate every last mouse they could catch. It was not pretty. We never had another mouse.

Comment by Jennie Lillard in the wee hours of Saturday night, August 3rd, 2014

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