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Heated, homemade chicken waterer contest

Homemade heated chicken watererIt's time to put on your thinking cap and come up with a heated chicken waterer based on our do it yourself chicken waterer kitSubmit your photos and instructions for a chance to win a 10 pack DIY chicken waterer kit.  This kit is my favorite size since it allows you to create four bucket waterers, enough to keep most flocks hydrated during a long weekend trip out of town.

Deadline: February 28, 2011

Entry instructions: Email digital photos and written instructions outlining the construction of your homemade heated chicken waterer to info@avianaquamiser.com.  Your photos should be no more than 4 MB in size, and if they're large please send one per email.  The written part of your entry should tell what supplies you used and how you constructed your waterer.  If you win, we'll email you back to ask for your mailing address.

What we're looking for:
This winter, Mark has resolved to find the best way to turn our
do it yourself chicken waterer kit into a homemade heated chicken waterer.  In the past, we've just taken in our waterers overnight during cold weather, which is easy due to their cleanliness and small size, but I understand that in the far north, chicken-keepers have to swap out water multiple times a day to keep their flock hydrated.  A couple of our customers have come up with solutions that begin to solve the problem --- one uses an enclosed light bulb near the nipple to keep it from freezing and another uses a stock tank deicer to keep the water in the bucket warm.  We're looking for something even simpler that will work with extremely cold temperatures to help out folks where the snow is already falling.  The winning entry will use photos and words to clearly show how the heated waterer can be made by the average chicken-keeper.

Prizes: One grand prize winner will receive a 10 pack DIY chicken waterer kit, along with the bonus ebooks and video.  Several other honorable mention winners will be showcased on our website.

The fine print:
All photos and essays entered in our contest become the property of Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton.  We don't care if you use them for other things; we just want the right to put them up on our website.

We recommend our 3 pack DIY kit for making a heated waterer for up to 50 chickens.  The CD that comes with each kit includes complete instructions to help you build our favorite heated options without any trial and error.

The heated waterer we use in our own coop requires two buckets, a three foot length of pipe heating cable ($23), and the contents of our kit.  With a layer of chicken-friendly insulation, the waterer is good down into the teens.

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