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How to skin a chicken

How to skin a chickenAfter Mark killed our Plymouth Rocks, I set to work dressing the birds.  We kill so few chickens per year that we pluck by hand rather than springing for a Whiz-bang Chicken Plucker, and our unskilled fingers definitely spend more time removing feathers than on any other part of the dressing process.

I've read that a lot of small-scale chicken-keepers save time by skinning their birds rather than plucking but I usually like to keep the skin on so we can roast our birds to perfection.  Since our Plymouth Rocks were slated to be ground into sausage, though, I figured this was a good chance to try my hand at skinning.  Unfortunately, my first, unskilled attempt took as long as plucking the bird.  Oops.

I've included a drawing from this very useful article in hopes your first skinning operation will go more smoothly than mine did.  But don't fall into the trap of skinning all of your chickens --- honor your birds by eating as much of their body as you can.

Another way to honor your meat birds is to treat them to a happy life, complete with a homemade chicken waterer that dispenses clean water.

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why not save the skin to be used for making stock? you could also render it and use the fat in the sausage.
Comment by Anonymous Friday afternoon, August 6th, 2010
Good point. That's usually my chicken cycle --- roast it, use the leftover meat in various recipes, then use the bones and skin to make stock. My freezer's chock full of chicken stock right now, though, due to cooking up all of the giblets from our 25 broilers, so I got a bit lazy. I like your idea of rendering the fat for use in sausage especially!
Comment by anna Friday evening, August 6th, 2010

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