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Oilseed radishes for chickens followup

Chicken eating oilseed radish

Whether our oilseed radish experiment will add much organic matter to the pasture soil remains to be seen, but the chickens are definitely fans.  I currently have two popholes opening out of the coop --- one goes into the oilseed radish pasture and the other channels the flock out into the woods.  I've noticed that the rooster leads his ladies over to the oilseed pasture for at least a couple of hours every day.

Chicken nibbled radish

The chickens have eaten the leaves pretty hard, but there's a large enough expanse of radishes (and enough energy stored in each one's tuber) that new leaves keep coming back.  This is definitely a cover crop worth planting for the flock if you have any bare soil in your pasture in the fall.

Sparse pasture

99 cent pasture ebookI'm probably going to interseed white clover and bluegrass in the oilseed pasture next month, then let it lie fallow all summer so the sod can get established.  It will be interesting to compare it to its sister pasture, started the same year and similarly shady, but without the benefit of oilseed radishes.

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