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Winter's not so tough for these chickens

Predator-proof chicken runKatherine wrote in to share her experience with chickens in the winter in the southwest:

"In AZ my chickens aren't dealing with bitter cold.  So many predators,
my 7 are in The Cluckery, an iron cage that might once have been a big zoo cage.  They have room but prefer the wooden perch to roost now
rather than the iron one they use most of the year.

"We get a few freezing mornings but not many.  They get extra greens from the garden which does well with occasional frost cloth. They love bok choy that is bolting and mustard and arugala.

"My chickens love your nipples and chicks learned in minutes."

It's not too late to enter our Winter Chicken Photo Contest.  Why not take the weekend to snap some shots of your birds in the snow?

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My chickens love your nipples

Anyone who's secretly twelve may be unable to stop snickering at this line.

Comment by irilyth [livejournal.com] late Friday morning, January 10th, 2014
Josh --- I think Mark gets quite a kick out of thinking about nipples every week too. :-) Probably rebranding them as "drinkers" or some such would have been smart at the beginning, but it's too late now....
Comment by anna mid-morning Monday, January 13th, 2014

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