Avian Aqua Miser: Automatic, poop-free chicken waterers

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Anna with a grapeAnna is half of the duo behind the Avian Aqua Miser.  She's a biologist and artist who dreamed about moving back into the countryside ever since her parents dragged her kicking and screaming from their family farm at the ripe old age of eight.  Since the, she moved back to the land and started a homesteading and simple living blog with her husband.

She admits that her childhood memories of farming don't really match reality --- real farm life involves a lot more hard work than the eight year old was involved in!  But the reality is also much more fulfilling and she loves harvesting her own vegetables, pigging out on sun-warmed strawberries, and bathing in the yard.  (There are many perks to living in a secluded setting.)

Check out some of her recent nature art or read her ebook about starting a microbusiness on a shoestring.

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Did You Cross Breed A Rhode Island Red Rooster With A Golden Comet Hen yet? I've Been Wanting To Buy A Rooster Formed By A Rhode Island Red Rooster With A Golden Comet Hen. I Have Two Girls;Red And Goldie, They Are The Absolute Best Hens And I've Been Wanting To Get Them The Rooster( Goldie Is A Golden Comet, Red Is A Rhode Island Red) Thats A Mix Of Their Breeds, Since That Only Seems Fair To Me (:
Comment by Brad Tuesday evening, May 29th, 2012
Brad --- We did raise a rooster like that. Unfortunately, he got a bit aggressive (which I've since read is quite common with Rhode Island Red roosters), so we had to eat him. Good luck finding just the right rooster for your flock!
Comment by anna terribly early Friday morning, June 1st, 2012

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