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The Working Chicken Ebook

The Working Chicken Book"A perfect start. The author gives just what is needed to get started raising chickens." --- Veronica

"What a fun book to start with chickens. I like the photos of the chickens and the tractors. The breed list is very helpful also. The flow of the book is interspersed with her dry humour." --- Mark D. Ellestad

Learn everything you need to know to become a backyard egg and meat producer in 30 minutes or less!

Answers the questions of every beginning chicken owner:

  • What kind of chickens should I get?
  • Which color eggs are best?
  • How many chickens should I get?
  • Should I add a rooster to my flock?
  • Where should I get my chickens?
  • She's so cute! Can I name her?
  • When should I kill my chickens?
  • What infrastructure do I need to make my chickens happy?
  • What should I feed my chickens?
  • Should my chickens have a tractor, a coop, or be free range?
  • How much space do my chickens need?
  • How do I manage my working flock?
  • What is the chicken's place in the farm ecosystem?

Easy to read, 28 page, full color format.  4.3 MB pdf comes on a CD.

Free with every order from our store!

"This is a quick little book packed with lots of good realistic advice." --- TSP

"Great overview of chicken care. Does not sugar coat the daily operations of a small chicken farm, a must read." --- Lee A. Richards

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