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Chicken bucket waterer mount

Homemade bucket waterer mountA lot of our customers turn their DIY kits into a bucket waterer, and I can't blame them.  Once we moved our birds out of tractors and weight was no longer an issue, I fell in love with the supreme simplicity of a clean water dispenser that hydrates our flock for nearly a month without refilling. 

The one problem with bucket waterers is finding a way to hold up such a heavy object.  We've showcased some good mounting methods in the past, but I have two new ones to share.  First, Jeremy emailed me the photos to the left and below, explaining that the lip of the bucket sits on his homemade wooden brackets, which are in turn screwed into a wooden rail.  He wrote:

Not sure how durable it will be for the long haul, but we wanted something that we could easily raise up as the chickens get bigger. Chicken bucket watererI'll just unscrew the brackets and mount them higher up the 2 x 4 rails next time.

Meanwhile, since I've had Mark move our own bucket waterer every time we rotate chickens to a new pasture, he's been streamlining his mounting method.  His newest mount, shown below, is simply "2 shelf brackets, a piece of scrap lumber, and some rope with a bungee cord tied on the end".

Bucket waterer holder

If these ideas get your creative juices flowing, I hope you'll take the time to email me your own photos and mounting ideas!

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Just saw this post. Thanks for getting our pictures on the site. I have been away for a bit, but still plan to send the pictures of the mount without the bucket in it - just been too busy, sorry.

I made another bucket with my remaining waterers, and will probably use some sort of hanging bracket to mount it to a post in the run - like a bird feeder.

Comment by Jeremy late Monday morning, June 20th, 2011

I'm sure that others will get good ideas from your photos, and I'll look forward to seeing more whenever you have time.

One of our customers using a stand-alone hanging plant stand to hang her bucket waterer out in the open and it worked very well. You can see a photo here: http://www.avianaquamiser.com/bucketwaterers/

Comment by anna Wednesday evening, June 22nd, 2011

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