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Cultivating duckweed for chickens

Raising duckweed in a kiddie poolEver since I stumbled across it on the internet, I've been intrigued by the idea of feeding duckweed to our chickens.  We don't want to build any fancy infrastructure until we know whether duckweed will work, so I just got a start of duckweed from my mother's pond and put it in a kiddie pool full of water.  I know from experience that duckweed reproduces very quickly, so I hope to be harvesting some of the leaves within a month or two.

DuckweedMeanwhile, I dropped a bit of duckweed in one of the chicken tractors.  Disappointingly, our hens seemed quite uninterested...probably because I'd just fed them laying pellets then a bunch of grubs I dug out of the garden.  I'll have to try again when they're actually hungry.  I may also try drying the duckweed to make it more palatable.

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