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Hay for chickens

Chicken on a pile of hayI snagged this photo from Gene Logsdon's blog, where he was talking about a pile of hay that he accidentally left in his shed rather than forking it into the hay loft.  He wrote: "The chickens loved to scratch merrily away in the hay, eating green bits of clover leaves and grass seeds out of it. With the ground frozen and covered with snow, they can’t forage in the woods, so they are supplementing the whole wheat and corn I feed them by eating the haystack."

I've been giving our chickens autumn leaves and straw as bedding, but now that Logsdon mentions it, I can see how hay would be a better choice.  The chickens would have more to pick at when the snow covers their usual stomping grounds, and around here hay is cheaper to come by than straw (even though the latter is a waste product elsewhere.)  More than ever, this makes me think that I need to learn to use a scythe so that I can make hay myself on a small scale.

Our homemade chicken waterer is a perfect addition to the healthy chicken flock's home.

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