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Poultry prosthetics

duck with fake leg

One of our ducks had an injured foot that took two months to heal.

In the past few years 3D printing technolgy has been used to give a prosthectic leg to a rooster and a duck.

The surgery costs 2500 dollars, which is a little out of our league. Maybe the cost will go down when home 3D printers get better and cheaper.

Image credit goes to Terence Loring who created the 3D template.

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My chick was very aggressive about breaking free. Hatched on time. It had to open its mouth to breath, like its nose was clogged. It seemed distressed with its breathing, breathing hard and very quick short breathes. Can I do cpr? 2nd chick broke she'll with a small peep and stopped. I pulled the shell, now I've read you should, and it's still not moving. It never moved aver peeping and breaking open a small hole. The hatched chicken was strong. I moved it to a dry towel because it couldn't even stand up and the neck looked flimsy and broken. It was barely moving at this time. None of my other eggs are moving, chirping, nothing. My 1st chick had no problem and came out hug and strong. Should I assume the others are dead or duds? Addie
Comment by Addie late Thursday morning, October 13th, 2016
Addie --- The first few hatches are often quite traumatic, so I know where you're coming from! That said, I don't assume anything until two days after the first chick has hatched. Maybe by now you have better news?
Comment by anna late Monday morning, October 17th, 2016

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