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Power Plucker feather collection

lesson learned from the third year using power plucker

It's our third year using the Power Plucker and we still love it.

One lesson we learned this year was feather collection. It pays to spread out a tarp on the ground underneath the plucking action to collect all the feathers.

We use the feathers as mulch for now, but are open to new ways to use this resource.

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Well, after reading I Am Hutterite (thanks to your suggestion), I'm sure you could use duck feathers to make pillows... in your space time... even though you probably have pillows... with chicken feathers instead. Obviously just kidding. Mulch is a good idea. Is it worth chopping up the feathers with the mower to get them decomposing faster?

Comment by jen g late Wednesday evening, August 6th, 2014

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